Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011 Handcrafted Gift Wrap-Up 1

This is the first of several posts showing off all the items I made for holiday gifts this year.  

Painted clothespins with a length of coordinating yarn to hold artwork, photos, etc.   On both sides of each, I painted the clothespins with acrylic paint, added a rubber stamp design and glittered the clip end.  I used hot glue to add some fake berries and a few tiny silk leaves on one side.  I clipped the clothespins to some plain cardboard, using the center two clothespins to hold the 2 yard length of yarn.

I gave these to my mother, my sister and my husband's step-mother.  Ama, Auntie Ree & Grandma Lena.

This would be another case of forgetting to take the final picture.  These are the flower pots the kids made for their teachers.  I got the idea from Giggles Galore: Thanks for Helping Me Grow (Teachers' Gifts).  I bought pansies to go in the pots, but potted them with the dirt in a plastic bread bag so the pots could be used as pencil containers or something else.  We used white crayon as chalk.  Jasper decorated his pot with more than just the words.  He even added an owl for his teacher who loves owls.  We included gift cards for lunch for all the teachers.  

I got the idea and instructions for these from Craft Whatever: Tutorial: Father's Day Grillin' Towel.  I mostly followed her instructions though I used double fold bias tape for the bottom trim and I used Velcro instead of grommets.  I also used fabric from thrift store shirts instead of buying new.  I wish I'd found the Hawaiian print first.  I would've used it for all three!  I made two of the plaid with BBQ spelled out on three different iron-on patches and one of the Hawaiian print with BBQ on one patch.  

I gave these to my husband, my father and my father-in-law.  Dad, Apa & Grandpa.  

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