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Book Excerpt: The Andromedans by Elizabeth Lang

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Elizabeth Lang is first and foremost, a geek with the obligatory love of science fiction and fantasy. She spent most of her life in the computer industry designing computer systems for world domination the mundane industry of life insurance, which is surprisingly, not as exciting as it sounds. Now she creates enchanted worlds of magic, explores the human condition in the light of future technology and civilizations, and dreams about world domination. Or at least, some of her characters do. Her first book, The Empire was fortunate enough to be a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and she has never looked back.

I'm pleased to present an excerpt from her new book, “The Andromedans,” published March 4, 2015.

As was her custom, Ren Dastrin, one of the most powerful leaders of Tellar, sat on the ledge of a large bay window, watching a violet sunset sink into the golden ripples of the sea. She relished these precious moments at the end of the day when liquid rays rubbed a healing tranquility into her soul.

“It’s beautiful,” said an unexpected male voice behind her, his voice like gentle granules of dry sand and his presence glowing with subtle power that lit up her mental landscape.

Ren Dastrin turned with unhurried concern. “Guild Master Venner, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?”

He bowed formally. “Will that be enough for the demands of etiquette?”

“For a meeting that has no official existence, it’s more than enough. Please, have a seat.” She gestured to the couch and sat across from him.

“You’re not interested in knowing how I entered your chambers without using the door or the windows?”

“Not particularly.”

Venner nodded, a speck of amusement sparkling in his brown pupils. “It has come to my attention that you’ve been researching certain aspects of the Guild.”

“You know why.” The more she delved into the past, the more Ren Dastrin realized the conflict with the Andromedans was not the simplistic battle between good and evil; the conflict that looked good in the holovids and the news flashes, even their daily doses of mass entertainment. Before her people joined the fight against the aliens, she needed to understand more about the history of this war.

“Of course.”

“Are you here to warn me, stop me or offer an alliance?”

It was rumored that the Guild Master knew what people were going to say before the first word left their lips—all without the benefit of telepathy.

He replied, “Charles Sester.” The name was said with finality, as if they had already reached the end of their conversation instead of the beginning.

“He’s your assistant.”

“He is also the most gifted psychostrategist of his generation, the one most likely to succeed me as Guild Master. I offer him to you as a pledge of my sincerity."

She finally understood his previous answer and was suitably surprised. Sester was Venner’s apprentice; no one knew more about him or the inner workings of the Guild. From her researches, the young man was rumored to be involved in some of the Guild’s greatest achievements. It didn’t give her a good impression of Sester, but it convinced her Venner was serious.

“You’re sacrificing your apprentice to gain my trust?”

The dry sand of his voice filled the void of her suspicions. “The nature of the sacrifice is up to you, Ren Dastrin. For the next six months, he belongs to you. Do with him as you wish, but when it is over, I expect an agreement.”

“You’re certain I will agree.”

“I have no certainty that you will agree with me, only the circumstance in which we find ourselves. That’s why you came to us first instead of the Empire.”

“You seem to know everything.”

“If I did, we wouldn’t need this alliance.”

The day after the meeting, Charles Sester arrived on Tellar. He came to her as a man laid bare; stripping himself to nothing and falling to her feet as a servant, as his Master had commanded.

“Why are you willing to do this thing?” she had asked, bewildered by the pain of his honesty, his servitude.

“Because you wish to save this galaxy.”

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  1. Thank you for sharing the excerpt.

  2. All the main characters in this series, and the background universe at large, seem to have been copied from the BBC TV series "Blake's 7"!

  3. I am not familiar with that show. Give Ms. Lang's apparent age, I'd say she was an impressionable young girl at the time that show aired and the characters stuck in her psyche - if she ever even saw the show to influence her. See Infinite Monkey Theorem. There is nothing that is truly original anymore because everything has been influenced by something else.