Friday, April 17, 2015

20 Fun-filled Cheap Dates Ideas

I am NOT an expert on date night. My husband and I don't slip away nearly enough for me to qualify if quantity = expert status. But I am a ROCK STAR at making lists. I've been adding to and maintaining a list of potential date nights for years. Since my hubby and I don't get to use this list nearly enough, I thought I'd share some ideas with you! My criteria for this list was cheap, out-of-the-house dates so put $20 in your pocket and head out the door to reconnect with your special someone.
  1. Spend the day searching for the perfect millinery choice for each of you. You don't have to buy anything but check out every hat shop you can find, try them all on (the more outrageous, the better). Model for each other. Snap some pictures (and upload to Facebook, if you dare). 
  2. Grab a blanket, a mini picnic, some paper and pencils and head to your favorite nearby park. While you are there, make wish lists together.  On each, put down anything the other can do for you that would bring you more joy - even if it's just as simple as taking over trash duty every now and then. 
  3. Find a spot to sit in a high traffic public place like a mall, airport or hotel lobby.  Guess the passersby’s occupations, ages and types of pets they own. Make up stories about their lives. (And remember to be nice even if no one else will overhear you - we all need more love in the world.)
  4. Check out a free concert. Especially in summer, free music can be found all over most cities. Even if you wind up at a bar to hear it, you can keep your tab low by sharing an appetizer and sticking to one drink each (no top shelf, of course). 
  5. Locate the optimal sunset-viewing spot in your area. This, of course, requires research so you could turn this date into multiple evenings as you "test-drive" different spots and debate the pros and cons of each. 
  6. Play tennis. Even if neither one of you is any good. You can find tennis rackets for super cheap at the thrift store, steal a ball from Rover and find your local tennis court. You'll get some exercise and probably quite a few good laughs. 
  7. Pretend you've just won the lottery. "Shop" for your dream furnishings in the most elegant craft galleries, jewelry stores, and boutiques your city has to offer. Finish up your "spree" with martinis or a fancy coffee at some trendy bar or restaurant. 
  8. Spend the day taking pictures together at popular tourist locations around your city. Find kind-looking strangers who will take the pics for you at each spot so you are both in the picture for a change without straining your arm for a selfie. Drop off your memory card at the one hour photo then go have coffee until they are ready.
  9. Play Frisbee. Or soccer. Or fly a kite. Or just swing on the swings at a nearby park. Pack a picnic from home and enjoy the outdoors together. 
  10. Visit a new (to you) museum. I'm amazed at all the museums in my own home town I've never been in. If there aren't any new ones, then visit your favorite. 
  11. Go in search of the best coffee in your area.  Ask for samples. If there are no samples, share one cup in each location. 
  12. Go bowling. Nothing says love like community bowling shoes and cheap beer.
  13. Have dessert! Visit your favorite restaurant and just order dessert. If you really need to watch the purse strings, then order one and share it. 
  14. Browse a used bookstore for a collection of love poems, find a cozy spot to sit, then spend the evening reading to each other.
  15. Go to a mega toy store with $5 each.  Separate and meet back after 30 minutes with presents to do together - crayons & coloring books, puzzle, card games. 
  16. Relive middle school - at least the fun part - and go miniature golfing. You could even make a little wager that loser has to give the winner a foot massage. 
  17. Go to the flea market or, bright and early one Saturday morning, visit nearby garage sales and see who can come home with the best bargain for a dollar. 
  18. Dress for a formal party, and then walk down the streets singing love songs or just holding hands. If you have a "fancy" area in our town (here in KCMO, that would be the Country Club Plaza), then by all means, head there and show off. 
  19. Visit your favorite local farmer's market and challenge each other to find the most unique (or bizarre, if you prefer) item there. Make sure to stock up on some produce favorites too.
  20. Go geocaching. What is that? Learn more at Don't be scared off by expensive GPS units. Most smartphones can get you close enough with the free app you can download in the Google Play store or the iTunes store. It's a great way to get outside and learn more about your community.
I'm off to check our calendar now and schedule a little one-on-one time with my terrific husband. Let me know what your favorite cheap date is and be sure to come back and share if you try one of mine.

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