Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snack Food Stadium

This year was our Twelfth Annual Super Bowl party.  Every year we've made mostly the same menu plus our friends potluck as well so there is always quite the spread for the commercial watching (what?  You thought we watched the football?  Nope.. only if the Chiefs ever make it...  HA!).  We've always made Buffalo chicken wings, Rotel cheese dip, Totinos pizzas, Brownies a la mode and the "World Famous Team-Colored Jello Shots" (which I apparently have no pictures of).

This year I decided to do something a little different.  Thanks to Pinterest, in the weeks before the party, I saw many, MANY examples of snack food stadiums.  I figured that had just the right kitsch for my Super Bowl party.  It was a hit and YUMMY  I think we'll be adding it to the tradition.

We're a dairy-free, beef-free family because of food sensitivities so the 7 layer dip was more like a 4 1/2 layer dip.

2 cans refried beans, spicy
1 lb ground turkey, browned & seasoned with 1 pkg taco seasoning
2 cups salsa
3 recipes of Alton Brown's guacamole or 3 pkgs Wholly Guacamole dip
1/2 cup Sour cream
1 can Vienna sausage
Pepperoni, for garnish
Colby cheese, for garnish
2 long Slim Jim meat sticks for goal posts
Italian bread, sliced, buttered and toasted
Cheese puffs
Tortilla chips
Potato chips
Barbecue potato chips

In a glass 9x13 dish, layer the beans, turkey, salsa and guacamole in that order.  Use cilantro leaves to make the sidelines.  Put the sour cream in the corner of a plastic sandwich, twist the top, snip the corner off and pipe the yard lines and end zone on.  Just the tiny bit of sour cream won't affect my family because they can scrape it off.

Cut the Vienna sausages in half and place on the "field" in formation.  I know this is only 7 on 7 football this way but I wasn't going for that much accuracy.  Use pepperoni on top of one team of sausages and little cheese slices for the other.  Cut the meat sticks into four shorter pieces and use toothpicks to make the goal posts.

Place the field in the middle of a large base of some sort.  I used a plastic storage bin lid.  Cardboard covered in plastic wrap would also work.  Line the Italian bread up around the outer ring of the base, brick-style.  Fill in between the bread walls and dip dish with the different chips.

I think next year I'm going to try for Rice Crispy treats for the walls and try to build them higher.  And maybe use a 7x11 pan for the dip and make less.  Even with all that yummy homemade guacamole and all the people, the dip was only about half consumed at the party.  The smaller pan will ensure no leftovers (a goal for that party) and more room for chips so I won't have to refill them so often.

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