Friday, January 16, 2015

TBR Pile Challenge: Throne of Glass Read-Along - First Discussion

The TBR Pile Challenge I joined this year has a Real-Along every other month. This month, the selected book was Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. 

1) Did you read The Assassin's Blade? If so, do you think it enhanced your reading of Throne of Glass? If you haven't, do you plan to go back and do so before continuing with the series?

I have not. I haven't read any of Maas's works before now. I am enjoying Throne of Glass though so I will at least add them to my "TBR" pile... because it wasn't already too big. 

2) Who do you think is behind the Champions murders?

Possessed dogs. I know... kind of silly and far fetched but the way the Champions have been mutilated and the fact that Dorian's "kennels" have been mentioned in an offhand way more than once up to this point. Whether Dorian is behind it or not, I'm not sure, but I think his dogs have something to do with it. 

3) Thus far, what are some of your favorite scenes from Throne of Glass?

All of them? Maas writes some beautiful imagery and great dialogue. 

4) Have you tried sticking to Sarah's pronunciations or did you make up your own way to say all these names

I glanced at them before I started and I'm close on some. The one key difference is the pronunciation of "wyrd". I believe Maas was referencing the Anglo-Saxon concept of fate or personal destiny. That "wyrd" is pronounced "weird". And I have friends whose last name is Wyrd and that's how they pronounce it as well.

5) Is this the first time you've read Throne of Glass? Were you like Andrea and Jessica and completely unsure as to why you waited so long to read it? Or, if you reread it for the Read Along, did your reading experience change from the first time?

First time I've read Sarah J. Maas at all. I'm really enjoying it though. 

6) Okay, let's just get into this: As of this moment, who are you more fond of--Chaol or Dorian?

Chaol, though I also think Calaena would make a fantastic queen. 

7) What do you think about Princess Nehemia and her friendship with Celaena? Are you a fan, or are you giving the princess a side-eye?

I'm a fan. I think that friendship will ultimately lead to the defeat of the king and a new era of peace for the world. 

8) How are we liking Nox? Do you think he'll end up as someone to count on in the future, or should we not trust him?

He seems okay, but Calaena's behavior toward him doesn't seem in keeping with her assassin nature. Actually, there is a lot of her behavior that seems contradictory at times. In the beginning, we're lead to believe she is nothing but a cold-blooded killing machine, but her "soft underbelly", as it were, showed more quickly than I think makes sense for someone trained to be so ruthless. Maybe something there relates back to the books before this that I haven't read. 

9) The writing! Are you loving Sarah's writing as much as I am? Because seriously--it is so gorgeous.

I am definitely enjoying the writing. 

10) Do you have any predictions for the rest of the book? Anyone finding out Lady Lillian's real identity? Betrayals? More friendships? (If you've already read the other half, skipping this one would probably be best. Ha.)  

I think Lady Kaltain will find out Calaena's identity and it will probably cost her her life. And I'm certain the other three Champions in the final four (because, let's be clear, Calaena will be in the final four) will find out who she is at some point leading up to the final battle. 

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  1. 1) The TBR pile is an ever growing thing. Like a one step forward, three steps back kind of thing :)

    2) Oh, I like that theory! I haven't hear it yet, but that seems like a logical reason behind the murders.

    3) Fair answer. I think this is a pretty hard answer to pick some favorites because they're all pretty fabulous.

    4) That's an interesting different. I never really thought to look up "wyrd" to see if it actually meant anything prior to TOG.

    5) I'm so glad there are so many first timers! :)

    6) Everybody loves Chaol! I haven't seen very much love for Dorian. Poor guy lol

    7) I like her a lot too, though things are looking a little sketchy. I am very interested to see what's going to come of this friendship and how it's all going to play out.

    8) I think this is where the novellas would come in to play. You do get a better sense of Celaena and seeing her past. Had I started with TOG I would think the same thing you do, but know what happened prior to TOG, I can understand her "soft underbelly." She isn't the ruthless assassin they make her out to be and her attitude makes a bit more sense with the back story. Of course, there are still things about her past that are a mystery!

    9) The writing is fabulous!

    10) I have to agree with you there. "Lady Lillian" isn't going to be able to stay "Lady Lillian" for long. I'm fairly certain at one point, whether on purpose or accidental, her true identity is going to be revealed with some pretty serious consequences.