Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mindfulness & Dental Hygiene

I LOVE the Kids Activities Blog. Their posts are ones I almost always read when they pass through my overly full Feedly stream. One recent post really struck a cord. The title of the post, "Taking Care of Children Means Taking Care of Mothers", is a quote by Thích Nhất Hạnh, a Buddhist monk, author and peace activist. It's an idea we hear all the time and we know, in theory, is true and a good philosophy to have, but in the practical day-to-day existence of running here, there and everywhere to care for our families, taking care of mom doesn't happen nearly often enough.

In a nutshell, the article talks about how mindfulness and loving kindness practices are ideal ways to help take care of yourself as a mother. I would like to remember to practice mindfulness daily. I've tried to form a meditation habit. I know vaguely what a loving kindness practice looks like but haven't made the time to learn as much as I'd like. Some days I do better than others. Last night, while I was dutifully brushing my teeth, it occurred to me that this is an ideal time to squeeze at least 4 minutes of mindfulness into every day. We have all heard (over and over and over again) that brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day, is an ideal way to keep our chompers healthy. How many of us actually do it? More and more research shows that healthy teeth are linked to overall health. Isn't four minutes a day worth helping protect our mental health, physical health and our teeth... responsible for helping us eat all sorts of yummy things?! Next time you brush, lean against the sink, close your eyes and practice a little mindfulness while you brush your way to serenity and clean teeth. Let me know in the comments how it goes!

P.S. While you are following the link to the American Dental Association's site, be sure to enter to win a Hermey Prize Package!

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