Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day Two - Gratitude Project

1) My health - I may have a bad back and hips... but I can mitigate a lot of that with the choices I make.  Working out and staying strong keeps them strong and me pain-free.  I have low blood pressure, low cholesterol and other ideal internal health.

2) My family's health - My husband and kids are all very healthy.... especially when the cow-intolerant of them remember to not contaminate themselves.  My mother-in-law and in-laws are all doing well. My own parents struggle a bit with their health but they are managing and my mom still has a happy, active social life with all her friends.

3) My friends' health - By my age, my mom had already lost many friends (to polio and cancer to name a few). While illness has come and gone, my friends are all a fairly hale and hearty lot.

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