Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Asian-style Tofu, Greens & Mushrooms

8 oz. Firm tofu; drained, cut into 8 slices
1/4 cornstarch
1 tsp garlic salt
1 c vegetable or chicken stock
Fresh ginger root, 6 slices
4 baby bok choy, sliced vertically*
1 small head collards (about 10 leaves), rib removed and sliced into 1" strips*
Mushrooms & Sauce
1/2 lb button mushrooms, sliced
1 Tbl butter
1 Tbl light olive oil
1/2 c vegetable or chicken stock
1/4 c oyster sauce
2 Tbl soy sauce
2 tsp cornstarch
2 tsp sugar
2 tsp toasted sesame oil
2 tbl sesame seeds
Brown rice, cooked

I used a hot plate griddle, a 10" skillet with lid and a saucier pan to cook the tofu, greens and mushrooms all at once. You could also do each item one at a time in a large skillet or wok if you are limited on space or dishes.

If you don't already have brown rice cooked (you should... cook it ahead and keep in the freezer), you'll need to start it early.  The bulk of the dinner takes 15 minutes to prep, but brown rice takes about 45.

1) Heat the electric griddle on high (or skillet, medium-high) . Put cornstarch on a plate and stir in the garlic salt.  Dip the tofu in the cornstarch and place on the hot griddle.  Cook on each side 5 to 7 minutes until browned.

2) Put the stock and ginger into a skillet.  Bring to a boil.  Add the sliced greens, turn down heat to a simmer, cover and cook for 5 minutes.  Remove the lid and allow any remaining stock to cook off.  Remove and discard the ginger slices.

3) Heat butter and oil in a saucier (or saucepan)over medium heat.  Add mushrooms.  While the mushrooms cook, make the sauce.  Whisk together the stock, oyster sauce, soy sauce, cornstarch, sugar, and toasted sesame oil.

*NOTE: Most greens are interchangeable.  This is what I had in my refrigerator.  I liked the flavor combination of the bok choy and collards but feel free to use what you have or what your family likes.  You need a sturdier green.  I think spinach would wilt too quickly and not hold up.

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