Thursday, January 12, 2012

To go to Hawaii or not to go to Hawaii...

Whoever thought THAT would be the question!  But that is exactly the question I had to ask myself last Thursday.  My sister called to ask me what I was doing from around the 13th of January to the 23rd of January. I rattled off the list of my usual commitments plus the extras for that week (there are always extras).  Then she asked me if I could get out of them.  She and her husband of 25 years have been planning a trip to Hawaii all year in honor of their silver anniversary.  Unfortunately, in the weeks before leaving, my brother-in-law's already bad back (made worse by his 6'7" height!) took a turn for the worse and the doctors don't want him sitting on a plane.  With the pain, he wasn't really keen on the idea either.

Rather than cancel everything, my sister wanted to know if I'd like to go with her instead.  Now, anyone who knows me, will know my first reaction was not the normal person's "HELL YES" reaction, but a wellspring of panic and guilt rising up that I can't possibly take a break, I can't be a burden to other people depending on me, I couldn't possibly take a break of that length to do something nice for myself.  Yep.  I'm a freak.  Since she caught me on my way out the door to my usual Thursday night over-scheduled activities, I had time to think about it... but I had to tell her that night.  My husband, my mother, my bandmates (who'd have to play a gig without me), my boss at the gymnastics school... pretty much everyone threatened to beat me up if I said no!  I mean, really?!

Bodily harm versus a week in one of the most beautiful places on Earth?  Even I can squash down neuroses to make the right choice there.  So I've spent the last week picking up liquids in 3 oz or smaller containers (I'm going with only carry-on), buying the clearance flip flops and sun hats at the local Kohls, and arranging with a small army of people to handle all my commitments while I'm gone.  I leave tomorrow morning bright and early... hopefully I can sleep tonight.

I will try to blog a bit while I'm there but I'm making no promises. There is a Kindle full of tattooed fairies, steampunk preternaturals and Babel fish to keep my occupied... not to mention ziplining, deep sea fishing and general lazing about. Aloha!

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